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January 3rd, 2004

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12:33 am - Reason # 3549 felyn is never having kids, because of this person

[zamros] My names Nickie.Im a 17 year old mommie to a beautiful 13 month old little girl(born July 21,2001).Im also 19 weeks pregnant with what is believed to be a boy..and our last child! Our meaning my husband.He's 19 years old and in the army.We've been together 3 years and married for almost 1. We're currently stationed in Fort Bragg,NC. Look forward to reading all your posts!
[zamros] DEAR NICKIE
[zamros] SINCERELY,
[zamros] GOD

[Dante] haha
[Dante] [Alb-guy] I just caught my 15 year old girl, masturbating with a vibrating 'control pad' on a Nintendo Gamecube. Now I am banning this vibrator from my household, but I am concerned about other teenagers who are using these products as masturbation aids.
[Dante] so GameCubes do have their use after all!

[QuaKed_Oatmeal] i always wanted to be an evil genious\
[QuaKed_Oatmeal] ever since i saw all those james bond movies...
[Shatai] You could start by spelling genius right ;)
[QuaKed_Oatmeal] stfu

[Rick_Hunter] bash.org
[Rick_Hunter] ^_^
[Kel] no!

That is all.

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Reason # 3549 felyn is never having kids, because of this person - Keep Noirceur Awake

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